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Office Pool is a coming-of-age story of an underachieving ink pen named Arty Bickerson.

His unique journey is chronicled as he navigates the ups and downs of "The Office" and its complexities. Arty experiences new success as the favorite autograph utensil of superstitious star quarterback Todd Grady. He is mentored by an old marker, Stan Sharply, an aged veteran autograph utensil on the ways of the office.  Arty falls for an aristocratic stylus pen named Claire Voyant from the upper floors. Office Pool is an adventurous tale about love, peer jealousy, classism, job pressure, high expectations, and fighting through our own self-doubt.  Office Pool is a humanistic story of writing utensils in a wholly unique fictional world with many layers. With humans set as the backdrop, these common everyday writing utensils deal with universally relatable issues and themes. 

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