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Character Overview

Office Pool is a coming of age story of an underachieving ink pen named Arty Bickerson. His unique journey is chronicled as he navigates the ups and downs of "The Office" and its complexities. Arty experiences new success as the favorite autograph utensil of superstitious star quarterback Todd Grady. He is mentored by an old marker, Stan Sharply, an aged veteran autograph utensil on the ways of the office.  Arty falls for an aristocratic stylus pen named Claire Voyant from the upper floors.

Office Pool is an adventurous tale about love, peer jealousy, classism, job pressure, high expectations and fighting through our own self doubt.  Office Pool is a humanistic story of writing utensils in a wholly unique fictional world with many layers.

With humans set as the backdrop, these common everyday writing utensils deal with universally relatable issues and themes. 

10 hidden things you may or may not know about The Office Pool Series 


1. Arty and Claire like the creator are artist by trade.

2. The Story's main protagonist Glitter Smear was originally a "Nice Guy" who got red penned after rejection. 

3. The student-teacher relationship between Arty & Stanley is based off of Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the future and Ric & Morty.

4. Claire whose real full name is Claire Voyant gets an unnerving dream or glimpse of the Future that would ultimately end up happening.  

5. The Great write-off in Office Pool III : Culmination was inspired by Marvels Infinity Wars 

6. Author D.L. Blackburne's name is a combination or the author's real middle name and his gamertag.

7. Each book in the Series was written in a different state and region of the US. 

(OFFICE POOL: Orientation) was written in the Southeast Surfside Beach, South Carolina 2016-2017

(OFFICE POOL II: Extraction) was written in the Northeast Meriden, Connecticut 2019

(OFFICE POOL: III Culmination) was written and completed in the Mid-West Chicago, Illinois 2020

8. The animators who worked on the series for over 2 years, wrongly referred to the creator as Arthur, via email and over zoom calls.

he thought it was funny at first and didn't bother correcting them over time because they had been doing it for so long. 

9. "We're all just tools waiting to be used." was a phrase told to Arty by Stanley to boost his esteem and self-worth all while seeing all writing utensils as unique and equally useful in their own way. The phrase is the series tagline equivalent of Stars Wars "May the force be with you" or Game of Thrones "Winter is Coming" and Toy Story's "To Infinity and Beyond" 

10.  Office Pool is inspired by "Diary of a Wimpy Kid, & Toy Story. 

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